Do you like Caricatures? You can't draw, sketch or paint?... That is not a problem anymore...

Caricatura Selfie

Do you like Caricatures? You can't draw, sketch or paint?.

Caricatura Colore

Caricatures With AND without Colors

Role Playing Juggler

A digital-mythological environment in which you cannot develop your own character.

Sharp Edge

One Boy... One Girl... One Sharp Sword Lots of Enemies and Big Boss... .

Τρίτη, 25 Μαρτίου 2014

Funny People TOO (2)

Funny People Too (2)

5 music themes
over 700.000 different faces...
over 4.000.000 expressions...
over 130.000.000 different people...
...2.632.021056 Funny People Too.... !!!!

This is a game using the swipe gesture, expecting you to create... funny people too.
You can change the head, eyes, nose, mouth, body and legs.
In this game you are presented with over !!! combinations of Funny people.
Just swipe left or right to change head, eyes, nose,
mouth,  body or legs.
The ingame material is going to be further enriched. Soon there will be more funny people than real people..!!!

You can save your work as jpg
and share it with your friends.



Σάββατο, 1 Μαρτίου 2014



Mission 1.0.3 - Cover as much distance as you can with the spaceship.

Just tap and ship will fly

Collect fuel to cover more distance.

The game is still evolving.

Please comment...!!

- Ranking
- Power-ups according Rank
- Checkpoints according Rank
- Improved graphics on backround
- Endless gaming
- improved panel graphics

- New graphics and no lag on engine start
- Sound effects and music added
- Graphic improvements
- Menu on end game

In future updates (hopefully soon)
- Ship selection
- PowerUp on player ranking
- Big Bosses every 10 levels
- More and lethal obstacles
- Shoot em up
- Warp Speed

and more